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Meet the team


Vicky Young

Vicky Young is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. She qualified in 2016 and has been training clients in the Evesham and surrounding areas since then. Her areas of expertise include weight training, strength and conditioning, flexibility, weight loss and management and nutrition advice

From a young age Vicky had a huge passion for movement and dancing and was a trained dancer until the age of 18. Vicky was also a keen runner and boxed for a number of years.

This passion for sport has enabled Vicky to build a solid reputation as a personal trainer, not least because physical fitness has always been a huge part of Vicky’s life and this enthusiasm shines through.


Vicky’s passion, and results, led her to create THE FITNESS ROOM.

Along with a team of first-rate and equally passionate personal trainers, Vicky offers a safe and exclusive gym membership at her Honeybourne gym.

We have been with The Fitness Room from the beginning, and we’re glad to see Vicky take on the role. It’s a small, compact gym with all you need to get that session done and is much more suited to those that want to work out or have personal training with one of the personal trainers.
Beig limited to 4 in the gym at a time works well and now with the outside space adds another dimension to your work out.
Overall it’s a great little gym with no posers, a great place to get fitter and very reasonable prices.




Alex is a yoga teacher & mindfulness coach. Yoga & mindfulness changed her life & she believes they can change yours too! Passionate about the benefits self-care, Alex shares a multitude of holistic tools to help you create your own self-care rituals all wrapped up in a warm, friendly & fun style so that you come away feeling nurtured & nourished after every class.



Stretch & Flex

Lucy-Kate is a fitness instructor specialising in dance-based exercise. She qualified as a fitness and aerobics instructor in 2005, it started with teaching one Aqua class every week, and it has slowly progressed along with her love for teaching to 10 hours of different classes a week.

L-K has expanded her knowledge through her career by qualifying as a personal trainer and focusing on certifications in stretch and flexibility and dance fitness classes.

She opened her own adult dance and fitness company in 2010 instructing pole dancing and aerial hoop. L-K enjoys aerial, acrobatics, circus skills and performing in her sparetime.




Amanda O’Brien is a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer with certificates in indoor cycling, boxing, and circuits. Amanda’s passion is indoor cycling, and she has been teaching spin for four years. A self-confessed gym junkie, she loves all types of fitness but especially boxing, cycling and strength training.

Amanda’s spin classes are high energy, motivating rides powered by all the best tunes to help push you to your limits, work up a sweat and crush your fitness goals. Always enthusiastic, Amanda’s classes are fun and will get your heart pumping.



Personal Trainer

Hanna is a level 3 personal trainer and believes in building strong partnerships with clients, understanding their ambitions and encouraging and motivating them to achieve their goals.

After becoming a PT Hanna decided she wanted to take her training further and started Triathlons. She absolutely loved how much it challenged her and wanted to pass this passion onto her clients.

“ I love showing people just how much they can achieve and watching them reach their goals! I believe in building strong partnerships with clients, understanding their ambitions, listening to any insecurities they may have, helping them to overcome them and encouraging and motivating them to achieve their goals. Whether that may be learning to deadlift their body weight or doing their first pull up! I now enjoy more of the one to one training and The Fitness Room is the perfect place for me to do so!”  Hanna




Donna has been teaching Pilates for over 15 years and believes that Pilates should be included in everyone’s fitness regime! The benefits are huge, such as increased flexibility, cores strength, co-ordination and balance to name but a few. Donna teaches fundamental Pilates where you can progress quickly from the basic moves on to more challenging positions or sequences safely and at your own pace.