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The Fitness Room has everything you need to start hitting your fitness goals.  If you are looking for a well-equipped gym with a selection of free weights and cardio equipment, we have it.

We are the only gym locally with an outdoor training space, which is perfect for workouts using some of the functional training equipment such as battle ropes, agility ladder and tractor tyres.

Along with a team of first-rate and equally passionate personal trainers, Vicky offers a safe and exclusive gym membership at her Honeybourne gym. The focus at The Fitness Room is to offer all members of the community the opportunity to stay fit and active, with a selection of classes, gym membership and personal training packages for everyone including mum and baby sessions.

If you’re looking for a more personalised service, we also have an experienced team of personal trainers who are available to offer bespoke packages that will be tailored to every client, so whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle or work on flexibility and mobility we have a team of experts on hand to get you to your goal.  

We also have a fantastic studio space that offers a wide range of fitness classes from rock and roll aerobics to high energy spin classes or yoga and Pilates for those focused on their mind as well as their body. Our team of expert instructors will guide you through your routine to ensure you get the best out of every workout.

The Fitness Room also has changing and shower facilities available so if you need to grab a shower and head off to work after a monster workout, no problem!

For more information, please get in touch with the Team via the contact us page.

What our members say about us:

I started training with Vicky back last year to help get me into shape for my wedding/honeymoon…Over the training sessions I have noticed a massive difference in several areas of my body to get the shape I have always wanted! I am definitely slimmer but most importantly I feel and look more toned and cannot wait to show off on the big day.

Sophy P

I’ve been training with Vicky since 2018 and she has built my confidence lifting weights in the gym and working on my form…She will set goals with you and won’t rest until you’ve reached them! I actually look forward to my PT sessions every week.

Steph T

I have been having one on one personal fitness sessions with Vicky for 6 months…Vicky has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is very skilled at knowing what training routines and exercises to give to her clients. Vicky is enthusiastic, friendly and chatty!

Colin M